Pregnancy – there are so many common conditions associated with pregnancy, such as vomiting & nausea in early/late pregnancy (more severely, hyperemesis which sometimes requires medication and/or hospitalisation), back pain, carpal tunnel, swollen ankles, piles, headaches which are all well treated with acupuncture.  I can help women with any and all of these common symptoms but will always advise if I think it is necessary to see your GP or consultant.

Acupuncture is perfectly safe during pregnancy when carried out by a fully qualifies practitioner and member of the British Acupuncture Council.  In early pregnancy very few needles are used (3-5) and, after 12 weeks, are not used anywhere on the abdomen.

Most of my fertility patients keep coming to see me during the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy.  I use acupuncture and nutrition for early pregnancy support, for nausea and to calm nerves.  From then on patients sometimes choose to come monthly or just return when they get close to their due date.

Treatments with Rachael were an oasis of support through the long journey of trying to conceive and stay pregnant.

Labour 'induction' 

from 36 weeks on I start to work with mums-to-be on getting their body ready for labour. Many people forget this, but your hormones have to be doing the right thing in order for labour to start. If you're still working and stressed, your body won't start the process as it won't think it's 'safe' to give birth.  After 39-40 weeks I can start encouraging the body to, very gently, 'bear down', as long as the baby is in the right position - head down and and engaged.  From 40 weeks, twice weekly appointments are advised. 

Turning a breech

Acupuncture and Moxabustion can be used to encourage a breech position baby to turn.  This is best done from 36 weeks for a first time mum, and can be a little bit later for women who have already given birth. has information and evidence on it's success rates but I would say about 80% of women I treat find that their baby has turned after a few sessions.  I demonstrate the technique in the clinic and then give you a moxa stick to take home with you so you can carry out the treatment in the comfort of your own home.  It's very relaxing and highly effective.

Pregnancy Yoga

I recommend pregnancy yoga to all my mums-to-be.  These classes in Edinburgh are superb - challenging physically (in the best possible way), relaxing and informative.