Around 40% of my patients are undergoing IVF, waiting for IVF or have just completed and IVF cycle.

This means I need full and in-depth knowledge of  the drugs used, the various (and ever-changing) protocols, the IVF clinics & their consultants and nursing staff, the investigations needed and consents procedures.  I am also, through long experience,  very aware of the emotional and financial implications and difficulties, the mood swings and relationship troubles and the stresses of each part of the treatment and the long wait for the result.

Acupuncture is used especially during IVF.  Usually weekly sessions are given during the down-regulating phase, weekly or bi-weekly during the stimulating phase (depending on your predicted response) and then once pre, and once post embryo-transfer.  During each of your acupuncture sessions we offer you the choice of listening to some guided hypnotherapy tailored to each stage of your protocol.   We also suggest you come once around 'implantation' (approximately day 5-6 post fertilisation) and during the wait for results as acupuncture is very effective in helping you to keep calm and anxiety levels low.

Although it is fine to come to see me once you've already started IVF, I recommend coming in, ideally, 3 months before starting IVF.  This gives me, and you, a chance to put right anything that may be wrong especially linked to diet and stress.  

I also offer IVF Information sessions where you can find out more about the clinic options available throughout the UK as well as abroad.  I can link you to specialists such as urologists and gynaecologists for those who need further investigations or specific expert advice.  You will also be able to find out more about the process of IVF and want to expect, both physically and emotionally.  These sessions can save you a lot of time and heartache by guiding you to the best clinics to suit your needs and make you aware of the considerations involved.