As part of the Natural Fertility Centre, I assess each individual couple's situation, case history and prognosis and will give a realistic idea of whether I think natural conception is viable.  Sometimes it makes more sense to try IVF or other assisted fertility options sooner rather than later, but to keep trying naturally at the same time, or following IVF if this has been unsuccessful.

Many of the couples we see have been told they have 'unexplained infertility'.  All this means is that all the basic tests are normal and there are no obvious issues.  This is not 'infertility'.  Often a little bit of further investigation will show minor, or major, hormonal anomalies for the man or woman, anomalies in the semen (elevated round blood cells, agglutination, debris) which have been overlooked, and/or problems with timing, diet and lifestyle.  These are all the issues we can pick up and help you to sort out.

This is also the case with 'secondary infertility' where a couple may have conceived their first child quickly but are having trouble with a subsequent conception.  We can advise on suitable testing but also rectify hormonal imbalances leading to menstrual irregularities, nutrient deficiencies and other issues that arise.