Q: How do I book in?

A: Just give the clinic a call on 0131 629 1529.  Leave a message if I can't get to the phone because we don't have a receptionist and if I'm with patients I won't be able to answer.  I always return calls and your message is always treated confidentially.  Or you can email me on enquiries@rachaelforrest.com

Q: What should I expect from my first session?

A: We'll go through your case history and chat through what it is you want to achieve. I can answer any questions about acupuncture and usually there's time for a treatment as well.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Unfortunately, that's pretty unanswerable. It really depends on what you've come in for and how severe or long-term the symptoms are.  As a rough guide I suggest giving it 4-6 treatments.  If there's no improvement or change in symptoms then I'll suggest alternatives or complementary treatments. Sometimes further testing is required or seeking guidance from a medical consultant.

Q: How much will session all cost me?

A: An initial session of 45 minutes costs £45 and a repeat visit costs £30 for 30 minutes.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: Honestly, some points are slightly painful but only for less than a second.  Mostly you won't feel anything as the needles are so tiny and so fine.  I normally use the finest needles you can get and these are much, much finer than the needles you will see at the GP's or in hospital.  They are more like very small pins.  Once the needles are in you might feel a tingling, aching or itching sensation but many people feel nothing except for being very relaxed.  Occasionally the points bleed a tiny amount when they're taken out and on very rare occasions you might be left with a small bruise.  None of this is a problem and you can always get in touch with me if you're worried about any after-effects.  I see many people who are needle-phobic but cope pretty well.