Case Study from 2014

I always ask patients for feedback but I realise that often it's hard to find the time, especially if a new baby is involved.  Below though is a lovely case study written by one of my patients from last year and I hope it help those reading to hear a positive story.

My husband and I initially experienced difficulties trying to conceive as I had many months of frequent irregular periods. I had a number of blood tests that revealed low levels of progesterone.  The GP referred us to the fertility clinic, however, literally as the letter arrived we then found out I was pregnant. We were so delighted and although I was cautious to wait until the 12 weeks, we already started to think about all the exciting times ahead. We were then completely devastated when at 10 weeks I had some light spotting and at our scan were told that out baby didn’t have a heartbeat. My body then didn’t miscarry naturally so it was another two weeks of scans and hospital appointments. Following this I had continuous bleeding for 3 months. I didn’t find my GP supportive or helpful and her suggestion to stop the bleeding was to take the contraceptive pill! Not helpful for someone trying for a baby! I had already been googling and came across many people recommending alternative therapies, such as, acupuncture. This is when I came across the NFC website J    

I instantly felt at ease with Rachael, she was the first person to really listen to our story and genuinely wanted to help. She created such a relaxing and welcoming environment and even after a busy day at work, plus usually getting stuck in traffic to get there, I would always leave feeling calm and refreshed. I didn’t know what to expect initially, but the acupuncture was pain free and very relaxing. Rachael has years of experience and has worked with many women who are trying to conceive, therefore, has a wealth of knowledge on fertility and supporting couples on their different journeys. For example, in the first session she gave me an ovulation chart to complete. This was so simple and unbelievably useful, however, none of the medical professionals we had seen had ever mentioned it to us.    

After my first acupuncture session my bleeding stopped! After three months of continuous bleeding this was a miracle J

It took a few months of weekly sessions to help my cycle to become more regular and I found it helpful to complete the ovulation chart daily to identify a pattern. After 3 months I became pregnant again and we are now absolutely besotted Parents to a beautiful little girl.  

I can’t thank Rachael enough for all her help and support over the past year to help us get to this point. I would recommend the NFC to anyone that is trying to conceive especially if they are finding it difficult. It is such a lovely, relaxing, supportive environment and when you leave you can’t help but take that feeling with you.  

Testimonial Nov 14

"Rachael is simply the best there is, achieving tangible results that make a real difference in peoples lives. Her knowledge, skill and dexterity are visible at each appointment and her warm, personable approach help you to relax."  PA, Edinburgh

Testimonial Sept 14

"When we decided to try for a baby, I wanted to make sure my reproductive health was in the best possible shape after a number of years using the pill. Rachael helped to identify potential issues with my cycle and, alongside some lifestyle changes, used acupuncture to address these. I was lucky to conceive relatively quickly and later in my pregnancy, continued to see Rachael for relief from carpal tunnel and high blood pressure. In addition to the expertise and treatment she provides, Rachael exudes calmness and I looked forward to our appointments for relaxation too! I won’t hesitate to return to the Albany Street Clinic when we start thinking about baby no.2."

Case study 1: neck/shoulder pain:
Irene was a GP who also played the violin.  However, since suffering from neck and shoulder pain she had been unable to keep up with her music practice and wanted to do something about it.  I used needles around her shoulder and in the muscles in the back of her neck but also warmth to stimulate blood-flow to the muscles in the area.  I use a herb called Moxa (mugwort) to heat small areas of the body, with the herb in the form of a cigar-like stick, normally held a few inches above the skin, or in small cones on the end of the needles (this is very safe).  After two treatments her symptoms had eased enough for her to continue playing and I recommended periods of rest between violin practise and sitting with a hot water bottle, or heat pad, in the evenings when she could.

Case study 2: chocolate cravings and anxiety:
Jemima, 36, came to see me with chocolate cravings.  She was absolutely exhausted with three young children, a job and a husband who worked away in London all week.  She felt the chocolate cravings were stress related but I thought that it was also her body telling her she desperately needed energy (I usually diagnose low energy if people crave milk chocolate which is very sweet and high in sugar and more of an iron deficiency for those who crave dark chocolate!).  She also suffered from piles which from a Chinese Medicine point of view is also a sign of low energy.  At the second treatment she still found herself wanting chocolate but didn’t go out and buy any and her piles were better.  With the third treatment she felt much more relaxed in general although she was still eating chocolate.  Because she had started to observe her behaviour instead of being caught up in it, she realised that she was very anxious and did everything in a rush – especially eating.  I recommended sitting with the children at breakfast time and having some porridge to give her energy.  She also noted that she would always wake feeling groggy and heavy and that this had improved since starting acupuncture.  She had a ‘relapse’ over Easter time and felt awful – groggy and bloated – but by the sixth treatment was much better.  Her piles and sleep had improved but, more importantly, she felt in control of her life, less anxious and spent more time looking after her own needs.