'Arthritis' is often used as a catch-all phrase when wear & tear in the joints is suspected.  The condition can be painful and the joints can be hot and swollen, restricting movement.

Most people will experience some wear in their joints over the years but the pain and swelling can seriously effect life and lifestyle, leading to weight gain and sometimes depression.

Acupuncture is  important for arthritis sufferers, often bringing immediate results.  For some people a few sessions is enough to bring about a satisfactory change.  Other patients choose to come long term, maybe monthly, just to keep their joints moving and flexible.  I always advise arthritis patients to look carefully at their diet as well as cutting down on acidic foods can make quite a difference to their symptoms. 

Whether it's knees, wrists, knuckles, Reactive, Osteo, Psoriatic or Rheumatoid, the symptoms of arthritis can be relieved through regular acupuncture.